I'm Jan Hoath. I help high-achieving visionary leaders & entrepreneurs relax and enJOY their success.


You deserve joy & success WITHOUT the stress.

Deep down, you know it too.  

The problem is—you think it's not okay and or possible to be successful AND relaxed and joyful... at least, not on your terms. Joy and success without struggle are some highfalutin ideals or you think that if you actually relax and enjoy your success, something bad will happen... "the other shoe will drop", as the saying goes. You want to have it all, so you do it all and put everyone else first thinking that is the key, yet you end the day exhausted, unfulfilled, wondering how much longer you can keep this up.

You think that if you just WORK HARDER, LONGER, FASTER, it will get better.

But. In you heart of hearts, you know it won't.

You are currently facing or have made your way through challenging life circumstances such as depression, disease, debt, divorce, death of loved ones.

And. You just want to have the confidence, the courage, the self trust, to move towards your visions and desires with freedom, fun, and flow.

Becoming the person who is truly successful, relaxed, and joyful is journey of discovery. And this is totally doable... AND FUN.

Let me know show you how.

"Jan is a true practitioner of what she teaches. She's the real deal, people! While a lot of coaches talk a big game, Jan is quietly - and JOYfully - walking her talk with her own life, family and business. You will find NO ONE more experienced, more intuitive and more loving to guide you in accessing your joy and your success."

Heather Petherick, CANADA

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What is Mindful JOY and how do I access it?

"Jan's work is clearly inspired by her instinctive insights and translates from a space of wisdom. Her plaform is derived from a spectrum of personal experience and knowledge that stem from living her own truest life. By fully emobodying all she imparts, her message and teachings ring true and come through a compassionate heart and empathetic lens. She's lived this work and has an effervescent way of translating the many ingredients of mindful joy."

Dondi Tontro-Smith, Wyomng, USA

"Jan Hoath is a true top-tier coach, gifted at blending heartfelt enthusiasm with mindful wisdom to remind people what it viscerally feels like to be true to themselves. Her signature program ‘Fueled By My Joy’ helps those drowning in life's tsunamis to find the grace, confidence and joy to surf more of life's waves, feeling more and more joy along the way..."

Sean Fargo, California, USA

You can't stop the waves (of life), but you can learn to surf. Let me show you how to surf in mindful joy.

“...Well I am ready to surf the wave and smile and laugh at it! Knowing that all is well and everything is a learning lesson if I want to embrace it and learn from it… I know that the joyful place is within me and by nurturing my soul and body I will be available to others, sharing the best of me! Life is a constant movement and every day is a new chapter. We are here to open up and learn about who we are. When we do comprehend this, we embrace life with Love as we evolve, instead of feeling that we are in a roller coaster! I do not believe I would had been here sharing this with you if I hadn’t meet Jan when I did. She is a walking Angel and I am so grateful to have her in my life. I treasure every conversation. She will be in my heart forever! ”

Sylvie Couerjoly, CANADA